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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Group CircleDear Friends,

I just got back from a covert expedition to Egypt and Jordan. Covert? Well, sort of— this private, chartered trip was never mentioned or advertised, as it was filled with returnees, their friends, and significant others—and we had a blast! The idea was hatched last year at this time on the tour with Alex and Allyson Grey. A number of participants from that group wanted more. We chartered Mohamed's dahabeya, turned our itinerary upside down, added a camping adventure in Jordan, and had the time of our lives!

Nicki at PetraPetra, JordanWe were particularly astonished by our Jordan excursion. The magnificence of Petra is well-documented, however the up-close and personal experience of the land, the people, and the history and culture left us desiring to return, again, and perhaps again. There is much more to see than we imagined. Our camp, the Ammarin Bedouin Camp, is located in a gorgeous, enclosed wadi, similar to a box canyon in southern Utah, quite close to Petra. There are some pictures in the video slide show that show the tents, location and some of the landscape, however the majesty of the rock formations and the actual experience of our explorations is difficult to articulate. Bedouin camp in JordanAmmarin Bedouin Camp in JordanI will try to collect some stories for the next newsletter. It won’t surprise me if Jordan becomes a starting point for further adventures not yet imagined.

Although no two trips to Egypt are ever the same, it seems as though every time the bar is raised, the next trip finds a way to reach a new level of brilliance and magic. Somehow, for reasons that remain one of the deepest mysteries of Egypt, every trip becomes the "Best Trip Ever." I hope you will join me soon!

Meanwhile, my office manager, Julie Knouse, and I put together a video/slide show that will give you a taste of this latest adventure. All of the photos were taken by Jake Cohl and Sage Scully (I haven't seen the other participants' photos yet). See the new video here…

On the Afandina

Egypt in your Heart

Have you ever dreamt of visiting Egypt? If so, please join us on a free phone teleconference Thursday, May 13, 5:30-7pm PST, 8:30-10pm EDT to learn about the sacred pilgrimage I am leading with Joan Borysenko, November 4-18 (with optional extension to Jordan, November 18-22). Joan and I will discuss the importance of this pilgrimage and the spiritual/initiatory work we will share as we weave together our unique convergence of science, spirituality, and the shamanic mysteries of Egypt. You will learn about the initiatory rites of the Egyptian mysteries teachings, as well as the practical details of our upcoming tour. It will also serve as an introduction to some of the Egyptian gods and goddesses, who will be our true guides as we experience the magic and mystery of Egypt. Register to paticipate in the call here…Joan Borysnko and Nicki ScullyJoan and Nicki

Joan is a shining star in the worlds of both science and spirituality—one of the vanguards of the body/mind connection, integrative medicine, and the spiritual consciousness movement. Her humility, humor, and authenticity provide a rare combination that permeate her presence and are expressed in her speaking and teaching programs, as well as in the thirteen deeply evocative books she has authored. Her presence with me in Egypt this fall is sure to catalyze a new level of wonderment and appreciation of the ancient teachings that await us there. Visit this tour's web page for detailed itinerary and more. More about Joan at:

Office Manager/Administrative assistant position available

Speaking of Julie—Julie has been the primary office manager for Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. for the past two years, and has been a tremendous blessing for me and our company. Her sweet, yet awesomely efficient presence has been at the helm; she, with the help of our bookkeeper and assistant Mitzi Robinson, has kept track of me and the many facets of our tour company. Most everyone who has traveled with me to Egypt, come to my home for a class or retreat, or simply called the office with a question has been greeted with one or the other of their smiling voices and sincere attention. Julie and her husband have decided to live their longtime dream of traveling with their three young girls to explore life in another country. She will be deeply missed here, and her absence will leave a void that will be difficult to fill. If you know anyone in Eugene who might be qualified for this position, please have them contact our office. The complexity of Julie's responsibilities here will require significant training, and we would like to start as soon as possible. See the job qualifications here…

Free Anubis Oracle Reading

It's time for a new Anubis Oracle spread on our site. We are posting Cosmic Influences, a ten-card layout that is associated with Khepera, Ma'at, and Thoth. It is about the influences and cosmic forces that are at play in your life at this time. With the help of this reading, you receive guidance for the harmonious completion of a particular project, relationship, situation or event. It answers questions such as: What is affecting me most right now? What do I need to move forward to fulfill my highest potential? Who are my allies and protectors? What forces can I count on to help me complete a project or creation in my life? Get your reading at


As the sun comes out here in Oregon, and the garden grows so fast you can see the flower petals opening, things are getting busy here at Scully Gully. I am working with Mark on our Planetary Healing book, which has been on the back burner for way too long. To support our writing project, I am offering the latest version of one of my favorite seminars in its new iteration as Planetary Healing for Spiritual Activists. In it we revisit many of the mind-bending, reality stretching exercises from the original work, and are adding some new twists and turns. Please see below for more information.

With a three-year old granddaughter and a new grandson in Sultan, WA, I am looking for any excuse to visit and participate in their lives. I will be speaking at New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland, May 21, and at East-West Books in Seattle May 22 and 23. I will return again to Seattle for an Alchemical Healing, Level III June 26-27.

This summer, when the garden is at its peak, I will again be offering my once-a-year nine day Alchemical Healing Intensive retreat here at my home. This is my favorite time of year in Oregon, and my favorite work to share. Please join me and give yourself this opportunity to stretch and grow with deep insights, epiphanies, transformative experiences, and a like-minded community of friends. The initiations and practices of Alchemical Healing will give you tools that will benefit you and everyone you touch, for a lifetime. More about Alchemical Healing here. Find out about the Intensive here.

I hope to see you soon.


In joy and with love,

Planetary Healing for Spiritual Activists
A weekend with Nicki Scully

April 30 - May 2

It's time for all of us to rally for the sake of our planet's future. Based in the original “advanced” Alchemical Healing classes, this seminar gives us tools to tackle the challenges and situations that would otherwise make us feel helpless or disempowered.

Circle of HandsAs with all Alchemical Healing work, it starts with the heart, and with our recognition that planetary healing begins with the expansion of our own consciousness to achieve a greater perspective. The techniques we explore are unusually creative, and bring a lightness and joy to a very serious topic. We will learn skills that take us from one-on-one individual healing work to an expanded perspective that allows us to work on situations, places, groups, and the environment.

Designed to bring you to a new level of spiritual activism, you will be given tools that are effective in co-creating a better future for our selves, and All our Relations.

You will learn to transmit, communicate and function from your Higher Self, stretching the apparent limitations of our physical world and breaking reality barriers. Some of the areas of exploration might include, but will not be limited to:

  • Electro-magnetic healing current initiation
  • Space and time travel
  • Rewriting our DNA
  • Creating our future—Conscious Evolution

It is my personal dedication and intention to serve this planet by creating and offering tools that provide healing on behalf of our blessed Mother Earth and the abundant life forms that inhabit our exquisite jewel of a world.

Tuition for this weekend workshop is $488.
Early registration special: $388 before April 22.

There are a limited number of sleeping accommodations available on a first-come basis. Breakfast foods will be available, and some meals will be catered.

Register online at Hathor's Mirror.

Alchemical Healing Classes

  • Level I with Gloria Taylor Brown, San Diego, CA: April 24-25
  • Level I with Deb Clarkin, in Armstrong, BC: April 30, May 1 and 2
  • Levels I and II with Sharlyn Hidalgo in Seattle
    • AH I April 15 and 16
    • AH II May 27 and 28
  • Level III with Nicki Scully in Seattle: June 26 - 27
  • Alchemical Healing Intensive Retreat: July 23 - 31

Cover for Alchemical Healing by Nicki ScullyAlchemical Healing brings together the principles of alchemy with innovative techniques from shamanism and energetic healing, creating a practical form for physical healing and spiritual growth. All people desiring self-healing and an increase in their capacity to heal others will find this a powerful and transformational experience.

Workshop includes:

  • Accessing Life Force for Healing with Energy
  • Healing with Elements using earth, water, air and fire
  • Fire Mist Shower Empowerment
  • Work with Power Animals and Spirit Guides

Benefits for you:

  • Increase vitality and intuition. Turn up the power!
  • Open, clear and invigorate the Chakras and hands
  • Receive powerful tools to heal yourself and others
  • Uplift your spirit and receive guidance and empowerment

For more information on alchemical Healing, please visit the Alchemical Healing page on

Sharlyn's Alchemical Healing Classes (contact Sharlyn by email for more information)
Gloria's San Diego class webpage.
Debbie Clarkin's Armstrong, B.C. class webpage
Alchemical Healing Level III with Nicki Scully in Seattle: June 26 - 27
Alchemical Healing 9-Day Intensive with Nicki Scully in Eugene: July 23 - 31

Office manager/personal assistant needed

We are seeking a highly organized, responsible individual for our office here in Eugene, Oregon. We wish to find someone who is self-motivated, confident and capable, with excellent communication and writing skills. In order to best represent our company you will need to have an excellent phone presence. The ability to focus on details while holding the big picture is essential. Mac computer expertise is a must, with proficiency in Word, Excel, plus email and database management. Quickbooks, Photoshop, and marketing skills are desirable, although not required. Due to the extensive training and learning period for this position, you must be able to commit to long-term employment.

This position will be approximately 30 hours a week with some weeks requiring more than 30 hours. Compensation will be based on experience and abilities. Although this has been a part-time job, we would consider full time for the right person.

PLEASE RESPOND ONLY IF YOU MEET THE REQUIREMENTS ABOVE. Your cover letter should reflect your writing skills and explain why you are the best fit for the position, and can be sent with your résumé to No phone calls, please.

We look forward to connecting with qualified applicants.

A Voice for Spirit

Wednesday, April 14th, 6:00-7:00 PM PDT

Free broadcast with Gloria Taylor Brown. Call in to: 305-908-8631 with PIN: 263626# to join the event. (free readings available) (sample journey available)
Private phone sessions with Nicki (click here)

For updated events and a full schedule, please go to our schedules page.

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