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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

What a gorgeous week we are having—it's bonding time with three generations of Scully girls. Each day brings us closer together and more and more delighted with the joy of sharing new flavors, delights, and beauty of the world with our precious baby Blue. Yesterday she tasted fresh mango and pineapple for the first time. Yum!

Why Egypt? Why Now? May 15, 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern: Please join me and my brilliant friend and author/priestess/Egyptologist Normandi Ellis for a discussion about our upcoming tour this October and the tour being lead by Danielle Rama Hoffman and Friedemann Schaub in September. We feel that people need to know how important Egypt is for all of us, especially during this great 2012 opportunity for transformation. On our call we will be giving you our perspective on how things are going in Egypt and how politics and the Arab Spring has affected our tours, including the tour our colleague Sharlyn Hidalgo is guiding there right now. So far, regardless of the focus on fear and violence we get from the media, I still feel safer in the places we visit in Egypt than in many cities in the US.

We will be available for questions—if you write your questions in the form when you register for the call we can be better prepared to answer them efficiently. That will give us more time for the juicy stuff, such as what we will be doing, where we will be going, and our intention for the writing opportunities (Normandi is an amazing writing teacher!) and Egyptian Mysteries we will enter. We also plan to share with you a short journey from the Mysteries, a small prelude to the nature of the work that is coming to us for our tour this fall.

Because they are currently in France, Danielle and Friedemann can't be on the call, but they will either send a statement for us to read to you or simply tell me what they think you should know about their upcoming tour. They are wonderful tour leaders. Danielle is in the Lineage of Thoth with Normandi and me, and her book, Temples of Light has become a well-used shamanic guide book for the temples of Egypt.

Please see Normandi's article below, Egypt is Possible Now, for her personal take on why it is so important to seize the day and visit Egypt.

For more information about these tours, go to

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We look forward to sharing this call, and hopefully seeing you in Egypt this fall.

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully

New Free Anubis Oracle Reading: Sacred Relationships

I've decided to change the current Anubis Oracle reading to the layout on sacred relatationships because I think that the recognition of all our relationships as sacred is very important.

The five cards in this layout correspond with the five neteru in Composite II: Khnum, Horus, Sobek, Sekhmet, and the Sphinx. The cards that you pull here speak to your relationship with your emerging self on your path, your relationships with others, and your relationship with the Akashic Record—the larger cosmic picture and the divinities that inform it. It also speaks to your relationship with whatever question, goal, or situation you bring to this oracle.

In this spread, there are five cards placed in four directions with one in the middle, like a medicine wheel or a cross. This design looks like the potter's wheel, although the spread has more to do with the construction of relationships than the construction of physical vessels. However, it can certainly be used in a healing context pertaining to disease as well as to discord in your life. It's about our relationship with self, with others, and with the neteru.

Visit and get your reading.

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Egypt is Possible Now

Normandi Ellis

My brother and his wife had always said that one of these days when the kids were out of college, when she had retired from teaching, when their ship came in, they were going to travel to Egypt with me. They have the kind of Egyptian décor I would kill for, and every trip I try to bring them back some new addition—a shawl, an ushabti, a heart scarab, something to go with their Egyptian dancing girls rug, Nefertiti bust, and Tutankhamun king's chair. Last October, my beautiful, brave, and entirely too young sister-in-law suffered a debilitating stroke that nearly killed her—not once but twice. She was 697 miles from home and after seven months of being in a hospital recovering while my brother slept upright in the chair beside her bed, they are finally home. Of course, everything has changed.

My brother said: "You know, I wish we'd gone to Egypt with you when we had the chance." I wish they had, too. I don't think her full recovery and a future trip is totally out of the question, but the stroke has put many things into perspective. An ancient Egyptian's life span was not long—Ramses II, in his 90s, being the exception. So those Egyptians had much to say about living fully and vibrantly while alive, and about living consciously and spiritually. The message now is the same as it was five thousand years ago. Says the spell for Becoming the Swallow in Awakening Osiris. "We make of ourselves what we imagine."

Imagine yourself now lying in your boat on a bed of soft Egyptian cotton, being swayed by the Nile, listening to the call of music on the bank while the neon lights of Luxor play across the lapping waves of the river at night. Imagine that you are in a cradle of possibility, as eternal and now as it was in the past. "Now is the day of reckoning when years laid end to end are numbered, when travelers huddled about the night fire heard the story of every man. The doors of the past and future open." Imagine crossing the threshold of a temple and finding yourself face to face with a living statue of an ancient lion goddess.

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Alchemical and Planetary Healing Retreat— August 22-29

We invite you to join us for the Alchemical and Planetary Healing Intensive Retreat to be held August 22 – 29 at our retreat center here in Eugene. In this retreat we will cover salient rites and initiations from the entire form, providing tools and experience that will give participants depth, breadth and confidence in their personal and planetary Alchemical Healing practices. This retreat is open to all levels of students and practitioners, and we will study the entire form, including processes and initiations from all three related texts Alchemical Healing, Power Animal Meditations and Planetary Healing (with a little bit of Egyptian Mysteries to spice it up). Advanced students are encouraged to come to this retreat, as it will be both a refresher and an opportunity to learn and practice new techniques and receive new empowerments that were not given in the original intensives. For new students, this intensive class is a prerequisite for the Alchemical Healing Practitioner Certification.

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