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The Anubis Oracle Deck

Dear Friends,

The wait is over! IT'S FINALLY HERE AND AVAILABLE!! I am excited and proud to announce the arrival of The Anubis Oracle, my latest work with Linda Star Wolf, which includes a book and 35-card deck exquisitely illustrated by visionary artist Kris Waldherr (Goddess Tarot and Lover's Path Tarot).

This Oracle, along with its companion book and predecessor, Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, has changed my life in ways I could not have imagined when Thoth first told me that it would streak through our lives like a comet, and nothing would be the same after. For one thing, these cards have revealed a talent for oracular reading that either didn't exist in me before this, or was buried somewhere deep within my right brain, amongst the clutter of unrealized potential. I love it! And I can't wait to share it with you.

The Anubis Oracle and the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt articulate the principles that I have been seeking during the 40 years I've spent in pursuit of magic and mystery in Egypt, and all the passion that I expended in that pursuit. They provide maps that chart the workings of the soul on a path of self-discovery that connects us directly with the ancient neteru, the elemental beings and deities of the Egyptian pantheon that reflect to us our true nature. They are also a testament to the love and devotion that both Star Wolf and I feel for Anubis, the heart-shaman priest/deity, the Opener of the Way that has delivered these initiations, rites, and insights to us from the Inner-world.

To learn more and purchase The Anubis Oracle, and for our introductory specials, go to Hathor's Mirror.

A Voice For Spirit— Gloria Taylor Brown and Nicki Scully. Please join us Thursday, September 25, 6-7pm PDT (9-10pm EDT). During this free teleclass I will be presenting a reading from The Anubis Oracle. Don't miss it!

New Renaissance Books in Portland— Thursday, October 9 at 7 PM I will be presenting the Anubis Oracle during a lecture and book signing at my favorite store in Portland. Please join me.

I send many blessings through the net and the ethers for this coming Equinox. May the fruits of your labors be sweet and plentiful!

In joy and with love,
Nicki Scully

Personal Psychic Protection

By Gloria Taylor Brown

A Great Place to Relax in Nicki's Garden: the Hammock

When I was young, I would frequently have nightmares. Sometimes, I wasn't asleep when I experienced these visions. Sometimes they were horrific, with blood and guts everywhere. Sometimes, I just saw people that I knew were dead. They would beg me to get messages to people I had never heard met. Others just didn't know they were dead, and were delighted to find someone who saw them. I was not so delighted.

At one time, my family rented a house that turned out to be haunted with four separate entities haunting it, and the nightmares and visions became scarier. By then, I was studying psychic phenomenon with an excellent teacher.

I spoke to this teacher and asked her what I should do to stop all this. I thought I might be going crazy — you know, certifiably nuts, men in white coats, lock-me-away crazy. My teacher assured me that I was sane, and that these things did happen to other people. If I wanted to stop it, all I had to do was raise my vibration to a higher level, so I was “invisible” to the spirits that were currently plaguing me. But, she went on to say, “If you want to be able to allow Spirit to talk to you, you also need to learn how to be in contact with that realm as well.” As you develop this connection, she said, the shielding you will receive from your Guides would shut out the other entities.

I was willing to do anything to stop the nightmares and visions, so I really applied myself to my studies, and learned all that I could about protecting myself from those I did not want to be in contact with, and about being in contact with those I did want to contact. Finish Reading…

A Voice for Spirit

The next A Voice for Spirit will broadcast Sept. 25, 6:00 PM PDT featuring Special Guest Nicki Scully and on Oct. 9th, 7:00 PDT with Special Guest Maya White, Astro-Analyst and author of the brand new Astrology Oracle.

For more information go to A Voice for Spirit is an ongoing series of oracular messages.

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