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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

2012 is turning out to be as exciting as predicted. Not since Harmonic Convergence in 1987 have people set out to create spiritual change with unified simultaneous focus, only this one is waaay bigger and is impacting all of us. I see it as an opportunity of a lifetime, perhaps many lifetimes, and I think we can co-create significant change together.

Nicki and Amit Goswami at the Beloved FestivalIn pursuit of all opportunities to assist, this warp-speed summer included presenting at five festivals in five weeks starting with the Oregon Country Fair and completing five weeks later with Beloved, where I had the honor of speaking on a Metaphorum Council with Amit Goswami, PhD, acclaimed quantum physicist/activist (pictured with me here,) and other luminaries in the consciousness movement. It continued with an amazing eight day retreat, immersed in Alchemical and Planetary Healing here at my home with a powerful circle in search of new tools to take to this event, wherever we are. And there are so many choices!

During the eight-day retreat, Indigo Ronlov, a major ally and upcoming teacher in the field of Alchemical Healing, had some clear insights about one of the processes that we worked on. I’d like to share it with you to give you an idea of the depth of the work we are now exploring:

Powerful Medicine

Indigo Ronlov

Throughout this year’s Alchemical and Planetary Healing intensive retreat, Nicki and I with the assistance of Jeya, Dea, Berit, and Yellow Wolf, magically wove together Alchemical Healing with Planetary Healing. It was a powerful eight days with an amazingly open and willing group that came together seamlessly, creating a powerful container to hold our individual and collective medicine. We each arrived ready to strengthen our connection to spirit, each other, and the planet that we love and depend on.

Alchemical Planetary Healing Retreat

Were I to distill the most notable and profound knowing that came from these last many days, it is the knowledge and deepening recognition of how very powerful is the precept as above, so below. We live in a holographic existence in which planetary healing comes about as all humans address, face, and seek to understand our own inner battles and storms. The chaos we see across the globe is a reflection of what lies hidden within each and every one of the seven billion of us. Humanity has the tendency to hide our trauma and pain in the shadows in order to simply cope and move forward with what life is delivering or calling from us in the moment. I now acutely understand the importance of healing the wounds and scars that weave through lifetimes and generations. It is in healing our personal inner strife that we can begin to heal our relationship with each other and our planet.

A few days into the intensive, we came to what was perhaps the most powerful of our alchemical planetary healing processes in this retreat. [read the rest of the article…]

Following that powerful experience around perpetrators and victims of genocide, we decided to go still deeper, reaching for the source of greed and conflict that lives, regardless of our current maturity and ability to control ourselves, within each of us. What has brought out and made greed and hate and fear such a huge and powerful influence on so many of the world’s cultures at this time? On the surface of things, it’s pretty easy to understand, given the chaos, conflicts, and other natural and human-caused challenges around the world. Our explorations took us through a cleansing trip through the hurricane of the moment as the winds became our allies and helped us to understand their gifts to the world. Yet it was when Mark was called in to spontaneously lead us in a journey to better understand the true source of our problems, the work heated up as we witnessed the deeper cycles of creation and destruction through an experiential metaphor with an active volcano.

Planetary Healing Call to Action, Wednesday, September 26 6PM Pacific

Please join Mark and me for the next free tele-web-Skype call coming right up.

This will be our last opportunity for a unified Planetary Healing Call to Action until after I return in late November or December. There are so many needs in so many places, and for so many people. We will choose a process that allows you to use the power of our numbers to work on the tragedy that calls you in the moment. Together we can make a difference!!! Register here and give us your suggestions.

Normandi’s New Book

As you already know, Normandi is my favorite writer, especially when she writes about Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian Mysteries. Her latest offering is nothing short of a Masterpiece, as clearly stated by Jean Houston in the foreword. Here is the endorsement I gave it in the book: “Bravo! At last, the book from Normandi Ellis that we all have been waiting for. Her knowledge and direct connection to the myths, the glyphs, and the symbolism of ancient Egypt have given us the clearest statement ever of the cosmology and relevant truths written in the scrolls. This book is a must for anyone seriously interested in the magic of Egypt. I’m awed and inspired by its brilliance.”

Please go to To learn more about it. If you buy it from me along with her last book (co-authored with Gloria Taylor Brown), Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt and/or two or more of my books, you can have a 30% discount.

New Life Cruise in the Caribbean

Last Call for Cruising the Caribbean. Come join us! The opportunities for preparation are many, and important. Mark and I have chosen to join the NewLife 2012 Cruise from October 6-13, exploring Mayaland in ports of call in Cozumel, Belize, Isla Roatan, and Grand Cayman. This cruise includes a solid community of like-minded seekers along with opportunities for ceremonies, workshops, and readings from myself and other teachers. I’m looking forward to learning from all of you and sharing hang time.

More Info Register for the Cruise Here…

Mark and I will be leading a workshop together—Intelligent Evolution; How to Co-create Our Future. I am also taking on leading ceremony at the Isla Roatan in Honduras. (check out their website for write-ups on the workshops, ceremony, and private sessions I’m offering). From there I will go to Egypt for two weeks of the Egyptian Mysteries with Normandi Ellis and friends. More preparation for the main event…

Synthesis 2012

Winter Solstice at Chichen Itza, 2012, the time we’ve been waiting for! For those of you who are looking for just the right place to be on December 21, there are many options. I have answered the call from Synthesis 2012, a festival/spiritual event happening at the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza. I will be on their council, give a keynote address, teach a workshop, and have the privilege of helping co-create multi-traditional ceremonies with Wisdom Keepers from around the world.

Winter Solstice at the Great Pyramid—The Great Convergence

With little time to recover from the Planetary Healing Retreat, my home was next occupied by ten new students of the Egyptian Mysteries who came to learn whatever they needed to lead the ceremonies for the Great Convergence at the Pyramids in Egypt during the 2012 Winter Solstice. What a juicy time we had as these openhearted vessels of hope, who are a strong part of the vanguard for the next great Earth Adventure, delved with their full attention into the neteru and sacred monuments of Egypt to make the relationships required to direct and hold space for such an auspicious event. For me it was a joyous and fun experience to support the awesome intelligence of the gatekeepers for the next generation.

On December 21st I will be doing my best to bi-locate from Chichen Itza with the producers in Egypt, and we will be working together to synchronize our spiritual efforts to turn this potential end-of-the-old paradigm into a co-created leap into the next level of consciousness. The more we put our hearts and minds together, the more powerful the impact of these times will have on our future.

Wherever you are and wherever you choose to put your energy, know that you can make a difference. You can start with our Call to Action, but whatever you do, please VOTE in November!

Equinox Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully


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