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Alchemical and Planetary Healing Call to Action with Nicki Scully

Alchemical and Planetary Healing Call to Action with Michael Stone and Nicki Scully

The subject of this call is Fear: Our Greatest Teacher. In it there is an opening ceremony that includes the Heart Breath and Michael and Nicki weaving the calling of the directions and elements, followed by a discussion on fear, and two guided shamanic journeys. Nicki’s takes you to the Egyptian lioness goddess Sekhmet to face your fears in a unique and potent way, and Michael uses the five rhythms as part of a journey to embrace your fears and love yourself unconditionally. This is an especially powerful session.

Journey into Deep Time to work with Ancestors and Future Beings with Nicki and Michael Stone

This call is a powerful collaboration that includes a unification Heart Breath Journey followed by a journey into Deep Time during which participants could commune with their ancestors to find their strengths, gifts and talents, and with future beings to find out how we survived the current chaos.

This is a very powerful journey to experience White Light and cleanse and purify the atmosphere inside and around us, led by Victoria Ramos with Nicki

Climate Change—Cleaning the Atmosphere

This simple meditation ritual provides a unique way to add your power and intention to the group effort to become the atmosphere itself, and from that place to effect change. Learn how we can literally cleanse and remove toxins from the sair, and change temperatures where needed.

New Year's Call to Action

This recording contains a ritual journey with Anubis, the jackal god of Egypt known as the Opener of the Way. In the journey Anubis guides you and teaches you how to help those who are lost and disoriented following sudden, unexpected death, such as from the Pakistani earthquake or the plane that crashed in Egypt. Mark and Nicki worked together to bring this new piece of work into manifestation specifically for this call.

Earth Day Planetary Healing Call To Action

This recording has a "Celebration for Peace" Journey from the book, Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation by Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert. It is a beautiful, magical and powerful journey that celebrates peace past, present, and future. When you listen to it you can connect with all world prayers and any festivals happening throughout and around the world.

Health and Well-being of the Waters of Earth

Cancer Healing

I've been requested to do a Call To Action specifically for those who are suffering from cancer as well as those who have loved ones and wish to support them in this way.

Walking in multiple times and realities to find solutions.

We used Thoth's magic diamond as a portal into time. This work invited lively discussion and inspiration for how we can make things better.

Dealing with Fossil Fuel and Greed

The written version of this journey is available here: The Fossil Fuels and Greed Journey

Respect: Healing the Rift That Disrespect Creates on Our Planet

This journey to Sekhmet at Karnak is in direct response to the theft of her statue from the Sekhmet Temple in Nevada. Our intention is to receive a teaching and/or vision of our part in the solution around the disrespect that is at the tearing apart the fabric of our societies, and doing great harm to our planet.

Planetary Healing: Fukushima

This journey is extremely potent as it deals with the redirection of radioactive leakage from the plant at Fukushima and the ongoing meltdown. If you choose to take this journey you must take full responsibility for your experience. Enter respectfully with clear intention and follow instructions carefully –especially with regard to the spirit helper who surrounds you in a hazardous waste suit.

I have chosen to keep this recording available at present because the work is so obviously ongoing. The more people who participate in the circle the stronger it’s action will be. If you feel that this journey should be repeated periodically live, monthly or bi-monthly rather than accessible by recording we would like to hear all your feedback. Please join our planetary healing opengroup on facebook or email our office at shamanic

Winter Solstice—Led by Rev. Indigo Rønlov from the Temple of the Sun in Egypt & Nicki Scully in Oregon

This a great universal gathering including a journey that Indigo brought in for a powerful initiation with Ra as he brings in the light, not only for the new year, but for a major rite of passage and healing on the planet.

This call also serves as an on-the-ground progress report of her service work in Egypt and the upcoming trip in March 2014.

The Caduceus—A Journey from Thoth

The caduceus empowerment that you receive on this call is one of the pillars for Alchemical Healing, the comprehensive healing form as published by Nicki Scully in Alchemical Healing, A Guide to Spiritual, Physical, and Tranformational Medicine”.

Making Spirit Medicine—The Importance of Bridge Work

This is a cer­e­mony, which the listener participates in creating heal­ing nectar that includes a powerful dose of love. The medicine we create in this journey heals at several levels: It heals the person that creates it, it is sent out to family, coworkers, and loved ones, and it can be sent out to places, situations, and communities throughout the world for Planetary Healing. There is a studio recording of Making Spirit Medicine on the CD included with the book Planetary Healing Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation by Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert.

Summer Solstice

Transforming the Flames of Grief and Anger

How we can receive the messages from traumatic and violent events and transform them for positive opportunities in finding compassion and understanding. What is it that we can do in these troubled times?

Envisioning Our Participation With The Weather

As a caller posed: How our combined consciousness is playing a role in the weather patterns. How are our thoughts and actions as individual people directly affecting the weather? This journey was inspired from the world’s sporadic weather patterns of late. How can we adapt to survive in what we’ve created, i.e. air pollution, weather, etc.?

2012—Co-creating The New Age

This journey was prepared for ceremony at Chichen Itza, Mexico, Winter Solstice 2012. It offers tools not only for this auspicious point in time, but it provides tools we can use to co-create as we move forward using the concept of combining our hearts and minds to promote positive change and collective consciousness.

Healing Tragedy

Journey inspired from natural disasters and the tragedies that result from them.

Becoming a Beacon

In this call we use the journey from Chapter 6 of Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation by Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert.

The basic rite of passage to what we call the Beacon provides a roadmap to finding our power place in air. From the new vantage point that you will discover here, you can access other dimensions and other intelligences without the distractions and obstacles inherent in our earthly experience, to access our higher selves.

Universal Love Practice

The Universal Love Practice is an exercise to further refine our work toward gaining and maintaining our balance and our connection to universal love – the love that permeates the universe.

This journey is from our book, Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation by Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert, but with some additions that are more pertinent to our time.

The Consciousness of Water with special guest: Kathryn Ravenwood author of How to Create Sacred Water: a Guide to Rituals and Practices.

In this call we explore practices for creating and maintaining water altars.

The ceremony is for healing the waters of the world and understanding the consciousness that water has and our relationship with it. We connect with all the forms that water takes, recognizing how each person’s connection to the spirit of water can be unique; such as the different shapes snowflakes take. We invite intuition and more knowledge than imagined before, to ask what we can do for the waters, and how water can help in our lives.

Intelligent Evolution & Evolution through Shamanism and Alchemy

This podcast includes a DNA empowerment and a special healing tool. The work discussing DNA and epigenetics is adapted from the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton and the journey is integrated from chapters in the book, Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation by Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert.

Discovering the Communal Cauldron

Healing starts from within each of us. The journey in this call empowers participants’ personal abilities to co-create spirit medicine.

As with most of our journeys, we begin with the Heart Breath, a vital and important tool for anybody seeking healing or seeking to heal others. The ceremonial journey brings participants into direct relationship with an age-old healing medicine. You are the medicine and the medicine maker.

There is a studio recording of this journey on the CD from Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation by Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert.

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