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Alchemical Healing

Greg Okulove

As I walked through the passages of an ancient healing temple in Egypt, a sense of timeless power and inner peace flooded my body. I stepped into an open courtyard and the blazing sun above momentarily blinded me with a flash of golden white light. A potent force coursed through me, enlivening, purifying, and rising up from the earth like serpents of fire. I breathed, feeling the pleasure of deep breath, sensing a quickening in my blood, my bones vibrating, each cell hungrily responding to the light. I became a living crucible of transformation as if I was a neter (an Egyptian god) come to Earth. The energies of creation danced in my fingertips…

Such was my experience in Egypt, and during my practice of the tools of Alchemical Healing. I was introduced to Alchemical Healing as a tool that could be added to my bag of healing techniques. I have come to know that it is far more than that. Alchemical Healing is experiential, like the journey aboveā€ž reading about or hearing second hand about it can only reveal a slight suggestion of the true flavor of the actual experience—you’ve got to take the trip.

Alchemical Healing is a process devoted to healing (individual and planetary) with the caduceus activation at it’s core. The roots of alchemy reside in its name. "Al" means "the art of" or "God," and "Khem" was the ancient Egyptian name for their country, the black land. Alchemy was traditionally associated with the transmutation of base metals into gold. Ancient alchemists clearly referenced that the object of their transmutation was the human spirit. Their goal was the transformation of the base metals of human emotions, instincts, and imbalances into the gold of self-awareness—the Philosopher’s Stone. Although there is an Egyptian influence throughout, Alchemical Healing incorporates elements that are mirrored in esoteric traditions from around the globe, such as kundalini/tantric yoga, western magical traditions, Caballah, alchemy, and Taosim, as well as shamanism. A modern description of the alchemical process may be: a practice of synthesizing various techniques and ingredients to obtain a higher form of existence.

As a practitioner of Alchemical Healing, I chose to embody this process of transformation through the teaching of it. Or maybe, Thoth chose me. I became acquainted with Thoth several years ago through reading The Golden Cauldron. Thoth has revealed himself to me to be a reflection of the highest aspect of wisdom, which is contained in all of us. He has become a loving and inspiring guide through the process of initiation and metamorphosis that this life has become. The insights and gentle nudging continue to assist me unfold and reveal my wise ancient self—my Thoth-like nature. Over time, I’ve deepened my commitment to my growth and healing as well as the planet. Through participating in Nicki’s local workshops and gatherings in preparation for my initiation into this lineage of teachers and healers, I learned first-hand what it means to hold space for personal and planetary healing and be authentic. Working with Thoth has a way of exposing one’s gifts and talents.

This past October, I received "transmissions" that would empower me to teach. The event took place in the shadow of the step pyramid at Sakkara. Appropriately, the area contains the ruins of an ancient school of healing. The playful nature of Thoth was evidenced as a noisy crowd of tourists, school children and donkeys arrived as unofficial witnesses to a ceremony that was just about to begin. This was to be a very public initiation. Though I was a bit nervous, the ceremony began and a feeling of gentle joyousness filled me. There was a sense that the audience also extended in to the spirit world, I felt like we were being observed by the timeless beings of Egypt and they were pleased that we were there. I was told that a weaving was taking place, and that I was another golden strand being placed into a vast network of light— that me being connected to this network added strength to the entire structure. The purpose and qualities of this network would be revealed through experience and time. New powerful energies flowed through me as my "circuits" were upgraded and I was warmly welcomed into the "tribe." Later, as I wandered the expanse of the temple complex, I felt so at ease. It seemed a part of me had been there forever waiting for me to come home. And I had.

Greg lives in San Francisco and will be teaching Alchemical Healing in the Bay Area. See schedule for details.