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The Parabola Cancer Healing

Otis Bass

Hi Nicki,

Words cannot fully express the immense gratitude I feel participating as a supporter with you all during the Phone Bridges for Healing Cancer. Thank you (and Mark) for co-creating this Parabola-forum with healing intent. I feel it's a gift to be able to participate, thank you.

Whatever this mystery is, this magic, this innate urge to work together to heal others and our Mother Earth; this energy is tangible. Working together to help heal others via remote-healing will be increasingly substantiated and accepted by the mainstream as modern-day science catches up to ancient knowledge.

Due to the serious nature of this parabolic phone-bridge project you've co-created I'm compelled to elaborate in an effort to offer additional evidence.

On many occasions during the phone-bridges I'm compelled to speak to add reflections of this Parabola experience but often times other participants validate very similar experiences to mine, and I don't want to be redundant. It's inspiring to me to be able to link up in phone-space with creative people from across a vast geographic area.

I've shed tears in those moments when other phone-bridge explorers are expressing personal details regarding their own experiences with cancer. To hear someone attest to the fact that they are in the midst of battling this disease, and by virtue of sharing in these guided visualizations they are benefiting and receiving healing relief; the ability to help others in this way is sacrosanct.

I'm grateful to you Nicki for sharing your knowledge, healing compassion, and other elements from your toolkit. I feel a palpable sense of healing energy flowing when participating during your sessions. I'm grateful to you for the empowerment and heightened awareness that occur via the guided visualizations.

As a supporter since the beginning, the Phone Bridge for Healing Cancer is especially meaningful to me because it allows me to participate in a collective forum with the intent of healing others; to channel the extraordinary level of compassionate energy I feel in my soul, and focus my intention to the transformation/departure of cancer cells with the hope of healing and alleviating suffering from this disease.

All the phone bridges have been a positive experience for me. In the beginning I was astonished by the synchronicity between your spoken word, and the physical sensations I experience during the guided visualizations. This synchronicity continues.

During the visualizations I feel a palpable sense of heat/energy/vibration surging through my hands milliseconds prior to you invoking that process with your spoken word; the synchronicity is profound. Before, during, and after every phone-bridge I feel a heightened sense of awareness that feels as if I'm tuned to a frequency/vibration emanating from a higher source.

During the guided visualizations I visualize a Mother Earth size parabola as a focusing mechanism fixed in space near the outflow zone of the magnetic field connected with the North Pole of Earth. Then in accordance with your spoken word during the migration waves, with my eyes closed, I typically visualize a highly concentrated cylindrical column of blue light transmitting from that aforementioned magnetic zone of Earth.

This column of blue light radiates away from Earth and immediately intersects with a focusing point within the parabola, then accelerates out to the cosmos. During the guided visualizations as I help to hold space on the perimeter of the parabola I sometimes see energy fields of those placing themselves within the parabola for healing, and witness this very intense blue light beaming away from the Earth.

As this light hits the parabola, it focuses, passing through the energy fields of those subjects within that energized zone in the parabola, and that light attracts the cancer cells then accelerates the transformation/migration of those cells away from Earth on a journey to a place where they can as you suggest, "serve a higher purpose, in a location in the cosmos where they will be welcomed and function in a non-threatening manner to life-forms."

Meteorology and the dynamics of electromagnetic energy are both intense interests of mine, so I'd speculate some of the imagery I see when my eyes are closed is intrinsically related.

On the phone-bridge 2/17/07 it was interesting to me that the woman from Prince Edward Island, B.C. spoke of the migration of the cancer cells taking the form of a funnel. I simultaneously visualized a similar cone-shaped funnel (as opposed to a cylindrical column) of blue-light energy, highly invigorated, and spinning in accordance with your spoken word as the transformation/migration of the cancer cells progressed during that session.

On the phone bridge (2/17/07) I commented that this Parabola is alive. On many occasions between phone-bridges the Parabola appears in my minds eye seemingly manifesting itself without my conscious intent to activate/interact with that energy. This has happened while attending a live concert listening to the music with my eyes closed focusing on global peace, during solo meditative moments when focused on centering my energy, and also out in public when confronted with situations when someone is injured.

I've had moments at a live concert when I'm in a meditative mood with the music, eyes closed, dreaming of peace on Earth, and the parabola will appear; I'll view the Earth from a vantage point in space, envision a linking up of ancient indigenous energies (I will see a physical linking of light energy emanating from multiple continents). This energy links, connects, is attracted to the magnetic field of the Earth and the Parabola appears enhancing and focusing this light energy.

Sometimes I see humanoids within the parabola, other times I see a specific zone of injury or problem, and to the best of my ability try to focus that light energy there. A recent example being an elder family friend who is suffering from a significant blood clot in her leg. When working with the Parabola on different occasions, the blood clot area in her leg appears in an abstract visual form within the energized zone of the Parabola; I see the blue light transiting through the blood clot, and within that blue light I'll see small grains of white light rapidly moving permeating the blood clot and beginning to increase the circulation. I know the Parabola was created in the context of the Phone Bridge for Healing Cancer but sometimes beyond conscious intent the Parabola appears in a healing manner, activated, and alive, in that it seems to prompt of its own accord.

I'm not sure why I'm seeing these things when my eyes are closed but it's happening, time after time during the past two years.

The commonality with the Parabola activation in moments that occur solo from the phone-bridges, at least in my world, is that it seems to appear when I'm connecting in a meditative manner to my internal mechanism related to the deepest level of healing compassion for others I feel within my own heart coupled with that intense desire to live on a planet where people of all nations peacefully coexist.

My impression is that this Parabola is significantly amplifying the healing frequency/vibration you are creating/tuning in the moment. Wow.

In gratitude,
Otis Bass

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