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Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. proudly presents:

Pilgrimage to Egypt

with Alex Grey, Allyson Grey and Nicki Scully

Sold Out: Waiting List Only

February 12 ~ 26, 2012

Allyson Grey, Nicki Scully and Alex Grey

Tour Itinerary…

"Alex Grey is one of the great art-mystics of our time. The works are truly stunning--luminous and bizarre, grandly conceived and vividly colored."
—Donald Kuspit in the December 2002/January 2003 Art New England

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Tour Price…

Our first tour in 2009 was so wildly popular (and we had so much fun) that we have decided to do it again! This time, we will be be offering a seven-day cruise on the Nile on our own private sailing yacht/art studio, along with private visits to sacred sites including The Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and the Temple of Isis at Philae, among others.

There will only be room for 16 passengers on this once in a lifetime trip, so register early!

This tour includes:

  • Round trip airfare from NYC to Cairo and all travel within Egypt
  • 5-star hotel at the Pyramids
  • Luxurious 7-night cruise down the Nile
  • All sightseeing in itinerary including entrance fees
  • Artwork with Alex and Allyson including drawing, architecture and sacred geometry
  • Private and exclusive visits to the temples and other important sites
  • Mystery School lectures, initiations, meditations, and ceremonies at sacred sites with Alex, Allyson and Nicki
  • Private Initiation in the Great Pyramid

I am particularly excited to be hosting this shamanic journey with visionary artists and philosophers Alex and Allyson Grey. I have long been inspired by Alex’s work, and have delighted in contributing to a number of full moon soirées at his magnificent Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors (CoSM). Deeply moved by the depth and spectrum of the sacred art that graces this temple, I have recognized it as an intersection point where many traditions interact to thin the veils between dimensions. The rites I’ve offered there seem to attract a unique power, sourced a deep well of ancient, even pre-dynastic Egypt, and mostly related to the Osiris and Anubis mysteries. I love to see what rites manifest themselves through our collaboration, and how they influence future visionary art and the sacred spaces they adorn.

“...As artists building a sacred site and a spiritual community, we look forward to studying this culture with you, and experiencing the profound mysteries that manifested architecture adorned with Gods and Goddesses of the Old Kingdom. While on this pilgrimage, to deepen our receptivity to these carved, sculpted and painted artifacts of a glorious era, classes will be offered in drawing, sacred geometry, and sacred architecture. Akin to meditation, drawing brings an object into heightened consciousness, opening our awareness to the subtle forces latent in powerful relics... The legacy of sacred space left by this ancient civilization is foundational to the mission of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. With correct guidance, archetypes and temples imbued with holy spirit through ages of devotion have great relevance today, teachings that can profoundly influence contemporary society so in need of a connectedness with the divine."
Alex Grey, April 2008

Contact Shamanic Journeys Ltd. for more information:
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The price for this tour is $6988

You may pay the tour price in three installments if you wish, following this schedule: After the $1500 deposit has been made to secure your position on the tour, a payment of $1900 is due September 12th; another $1900 is due October 12th; and the final balance of $1688 is due November 12. The deposit is fully refunded if we cancel the trip for any reason. Otherwise, it is non-refundable except on an exceptional, case-by case basis. For our cancellation policy, please see our website. Please contact us if you have any questions about payments.

Personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks, bank transfers and credit card payments are welcomed. Please make checks payable to Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. PO Box 5025, Eugene, OR 97405.

The full payment for the trip is due by 90 days prior to the scheduled departure. If the final payment is one week late without prior arrangements, a late fee of $200 will be assessed. We reserve the right to drop anyone who does not complete the final payment.