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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We Shall OvercombI have just returned from marching in Eugene, where it seemed as though a strong percentage of the city turned out with creative signs and home-made pink hats to remind the incoming administration that respect for women matters, democracy matters, human and civil rights matter, LGBT rights matter, the environment matters, immigrants and minorities matter, health care matters, education matters, truth matters, accountability matters, and a unified world in which all people matter, matters. Then I turn on the TV so see what happened elsewhere and learned that there were more people in Washington DC today than at the inauguration yesterday. Los Angeles managed to deal with upwards of 100,000 people on the streets, with zero arrests. In Manhattan, where my daughter and son in law marched, the numbers could also be measured in the hundreds of thousands. All around the world there were peaceful demonstrations that expressed concerns about the future of democracy, the future of our country, and the future of the world. What does this tell us? It also should be noted that although this was a women's march, there were plenty of men to support the women. At this writing, the response from the White House is all about the numbers of people who attended the inaugural, stating that Trump's was the biggest crowd in the history of the country. Really? And even if it were true, is that what's really important? Yet he found time yesterday to sign the first executive order: to weaken the Affordable Care Act. So what do we have to look forward to?

In order for the actions of the masses of people who marched to bring attention to what truly matters and make an enduring difference, those same people can choose to continue their actions with phone calls, letters, and consistent activity that commands accountability and cannot be ignored.

Ultimately, it seems to come down to the question of how we survive the changes that are currently challenging us, regardless of the stated objectives of our new administration. Obviously, what's happening on the planet is not new. Although technology offers us access that has never before been available since history has been recorded, history itself seems to have lost its potential to educate. Our new technological toys allow everyone the ability to receive our messages when we speak from the heart, but most missives get overlooked. I would not be surprised if my own list sometimes feels overwhelmed. Yet it's up to me to keep my messages true and compelling.

I am hopeful that we will get through our current crisis by adapting, modifying our expectations (I hope not by reducing them), and continuing to seek to become our most enlightened selves. We've been here before, and hopefully we improve and elevate with each new round. I think many of us have been sleeping—dreaming away the problems of the world. Now, as if a bucket of cold water has been thrown upon us, we feel the need like never before to get involved. Yet even epiphanies can hit us like that bucket of water. That, or, we can circle around and around, spending time slowly closing in on enlightenment. That, the latter of the two, has been the historical and very individual approach. Today feels different. Today is the day of mass epiphanies accompanied with the sound of many individuals shaking off the cold water while arising from their comfortable chairs in order to act upon those revelations that have just swept the nation, although they came from the heart of each of us, spontaneously.

Coherence at Kom Ombo, EgyptI don't discount the reality that when we have mass meditations for peace, or Planetary Healing Calls to Action, or that when large groups of people put our hearts and minds together with the same, clear intentions, it does create opportunities for many people to experience simultaneous advances or leaps in consciousness, with some possibility of achieving enduring enlightenment. For a deeper study what happens when we put our hearts and minds together, go to and look at their research on Global Coherence, the Science of Interconnectivity.

Yes, things aren't great, but they aren't as bad as they were eight or 100 or 1000 years ago. People are more likely than ever to be held accountable for their actions. Our job as guardians of Ma'at (Cosmic truth, order, justice and balance.), is to do everything we can to teach our children well, to be exemplars of thoughtful, enlightened thinking and actions, and to, by our intentions, thoughts, words and actions be fully present and honorable. No matter how large or small, every good or helpful deed promotes Ma'at, and helps to restore the cosmic balance within which we will find peace in our hearts and with each other.

Perhaps if we focused on how to make things better and the good deeds and miracles that are happening around us all the time— perhaps if we put our energy in those directions rather than the bad news that takes up most of what is being chronicled for us by the media and masses that constantly desire to be titillated…

I'm watching my thoughts turn into words that are becoming darker and darker as I watch Trump remake hostory yet again, and the desire to react rather than thoughtfully respond requires that I stop my rant and leave off my notes before I become guilty of what I would be complaining of…

So here are some suggestions:

Pain-Free Living with Laya Raznick

Pain Free Living is a free digital/phone series put together by my friend Laya Raznick. I did a really fun interview with her in which we did a journey to meet your spiritual totem ally to help to reduce pain. It was quite powerful, and I recommend it. The series starts this Monday, and my interview is January 28. Click on the image for details and to register. I am including a gift that I think you will enjoy… click here

Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully at Women of Wisdom Pre-Conference Workshop

February 15-16, Seattle

The closer we get, the more Normandi and I discuss this and have come up with some new and exciting offerings: We will be creating an oracle deck together, using the sacred hieroglyphs. Each participant will make their own deck that can be used alone or in conjunction with the Anubis Oracle. We will also be sharing some initiations from our latest book, the Untion of Isis and Thoth. And, as is usually when we share the mysteries, some of what we will share hasn't been revealed yet. After all, each new layer of discovery reveals yet another to be explored, and as most of you already know, much of our work is spontaneous rather than scripted. We will bring the materials needed for your cards.

Details and Registration Online

Alchemical Healing

February 17-20, Maple Ridge, BC
(Friday evening is a free introduction that is also part of the class)

I love teaching Alchemical Healing, as it is at the core of who I am, and the basis of all my teachings. And it somehow gets more powerful with age (Mine, I think, as Alchemical Healing itself is ageless.) Alchemical Healing is an art form, and as such each new presentation, whether a class or an individual healing is a glorious, magical expression of the moment, and of the unique dynamic of the participants. Often referred to as Reiki on steroids, Alchemical Healing utilizes the intelligence of the healer, the healee, the universal life force, the elements, and the spirit allies that join in the dance during which the healing takes place. It is a simple, yet comprehensive healing form that empowers the person that is receiving the healing and invites them to engage in the process. And it's fun. Details and online registration here…

Become a Shamanic Navigator of Light with Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

Hank Wesselman is offering another free virtual event that I heartily recommend. He is a highly respected shaman, scientist (PhD. in anthropology), author of nine great books, a priest of Sekhmet, and best of all, friend. I am excited and honored that I just received a wonderful essay from him that will be a second foreword for my new book on Sekhmet.

Learn More about this upcoming Virtual Event…

Meanwhile, I'm glad I marched in the rain today. It is time that our voices be heard, loudly, clearly, and with determination so that we can hold this new administration to its word, and that these next four years will be for the people, all the people.

And so it is that we embark on a new adventure. I think I feel like a teenager starting a new school. I hope the principal turns out to be kind, and that no bullying is allowed…

With hope for our future, and for the future of our country and the world,
Nicki Scully


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