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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,
The core of this year's Egyptian Mysteries are revealing themselves, less than a week before the retreat begins. (August 22-26) That's the way it is with the mysteries; we don't get to know what we are going to do until just before, or even during the time when we share them. It's worked for the last two decades, and the results each year have been profound and inspiring. Of course not knowing what is waiting to surface until the last minute makes it kind of difficult to promote, yet somehow those who are called find their way.

When Normandi and I completed our book, The Union of Isis and Thoth, we were at a loss to imagine what could come next, and yet as we met with Isis and Thoth during the last two days, we came to realize that we are nowhere near complete, as we had naturally assumed at some level. Imagine our delight and surprise when we learned that we were beginning a new round of learning and sharing ancient truths relating to co-creation with the neteru.

Nicki and Normandi at PhilaeSometimes, once a year at least, Normandi and I will dust off our hands and conclude, “Job well done!” or “Oh, what a ride it's been.” And then a new and exciting chapter will begin to flood in from every direction, and off and running we go again. What's different this year is that this new magical seed of co-creation appears to be gestating a new way of presenting in the future, and although we are being given maps, we have yet to learn what, where, and when the next round of treasures will be found. We look forward to enthusiastically embracing the magic and discoveries that will come in next week as the entire group engages to bring them through.

NeithFor our one-day Mysteries event near Portland this Sunday we will be consecrating a Star Temple (The one on my land is a Moon Temple). After our conference call this morning I realized that the Stargrove's temple (Drs. Mitch and Lori) in many ways illustrates where we are going. Certain words that have always been challenging to me, such as "ascension" and other "New Age" catch phrases are taking on new meanings. With circumstances on our planet at a critical edge, we need to become smarter and faster, and reengage our direct connection to Source. This is critically important now, because we no longer have time for the much slower process of evolution. Yet we have the capacity to consciously mutate, or at the very least, to claim the parts of ourselves that have lain dormant while we watch TV, shop and consume, or struggle to survive.

In this time of chaos (for the perfect reflection, look at our current political circus, which made for interesting entertainment for a while—however it has now become a very dangerous game, and the entire world's future hangs in the balance . . .) we have to work three times as hard for half the results when we are in service to healing our planet. It is vital that we find and utilize the smart genes that we have yet to discover, light them up in our DNA, and awaken the sensory organs that will reveal the solutions to our personal, environmental, and relational challenges.

More Info and Register for the Egyptian Mysteries class here…

Obviously, I cannot claim to have the answers, however the work that is coming in provides maps and journeys that will take you to direct experiences from trustworthy sources within—and if I'm correctly understanding what's coming through, direct from Source.

As I am curtailing my travel and keeping space open for the editing of my next book (I'll have the schedule any day now), I am starting to do mentoring, either privately or in small groups for those of you who are interested. The only class that is calling me at the moment is Sekhmet—In the Belly of the Godess. Three people who have already taken it at least once have asked for it to be repeated, just in the past few weeks; so I think I will do one more teleclass (mid to late September) so I can add any important changes to the next version. That will be my last opportunity for any major revisions. If you are interested and certain evenings are NOT available to you, please let me know so I can plan it at your convenience if possible. It will probably be two classes a week for three weeks, six classes in all. I also love to do private sessions and/or readings as time allows.

It's also time for another Planetary Healing Call to Action, so if you have any ideas or thoughts around that, please let me know. I will put out the invitation and date in my next newsletter.

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your summer (or winter for those down under) and continue to pray for peace.

Blessings and love,


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