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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I am currently in flight between New York and Eugene, having just completed participating in the 30th Annual New England Women's Herbal Gathering, one of my favorite gatherings and one that didn't disappoint! I was so busy I completely forgot to take photos, so you will have to imagine what 700 joyful women studying a variety of herbal, healing, and related subjects intermingles with deep ceremonies, rituals and circles might look like. If I can get some photos I will post them on FB. Meanwhile, here is one from a past gathering that will give you the feeling of joy that permeated our three days of grace. There were many women who have been there all 30 years, and many families such as mine, with three generations represented. If you are interested in going next year, keep an eye out for their announcement, as it fills rapidly.

One of the first gatherings of the Women's Herbal Conference in Northern California

Hurricane Harvey

Meanwhile, it's a one two punch in Texas, and it doesn't look like relief is coming anytime soon, even though the rain has stopped and the sky is blue. Many people were well prepared with food and water and confidence to sit out the hurricane; but the rain kept pouring and so the second punch was when the bayous, levees, reservoirs, and other systems created to hold and direct the flow of rivers and other waterways safely, became overwhelmed.

As I write, additional neighborhoods previously unscathed when the hurricane first passed and in the days since are now experiencing flooding. It's a disaster that just won't stop— a disaster of biblical proportions.

What can we do? Obviously, if you are in the region and have tools and skills there will be plenty to do soon, although it's difficult to imagine what will be left behind as the water sinks into the murky rain-soaked land. If you have space, consider taking in a family. If you have money, send it to the charity of your choice, hopefully one that delivers their resources directly to where it's needed most. If you have shamanic or Alchemical Healing skills, use them to envision appropriate outcomes for the places, people, and animals caught in this drama. Use the life force energy to redirect the water in ways that bring balance back to our weather— elements can be used to shrink or dry up clouds, or perhaps reduce the power and amount of rainfall being deposited in a particularly hard hit area. Imagine flood waters filtering into the aquifers of drought-stricken areas as well.

Although there is as yet no accurate count of those who perished, it's a good time to remember Anubis, "Opener of the Way," the psychopomp who guides the dead where they need to be. You can offer to help him find and direct lost souls as well as envision him guiding the many folks that are working to rescue people so that they can find those most in need quicker and more effectively.

Prayers are important— send as many as you can to all those whose lives have been upended, and who are traumatized beyond what we can imagine. Also send prayers for those who are trying to coordinate the important work that happens in the aftermath, and that their collaborative work will be harmonious, fast, and effective.

Which leads me to the initial purpose of this newsletter…

Alchemical Healing—

About Initiations

The following is paraphrased from my book, Alchemical Healing, A Guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformational Medicine:

"The initiations you receive when you study Alchemical Healing are designed to create openings and to generate a new level of experience from which you can continue your work from a more expanded place than where you were when you started. They may introduce you into new dimensions of consciousness where power, intelligence, and additional frequencies of energy are available. Every person moves at his or her own pace, and the energies that are awakened will not exceed what an individual can handle. Your body has an energy system that is comparable to electrical wiring. You can carry more "juice" in accordance with the insulation that surrounds the wires. Attunements and initiatory journeys help prepare your system to handle a greater volume of energy, or a specific frequency. If you have already had similar adjustments from another system, you will be able to recognize the additional power and subtle alterations that these initiations provide.

"No one system is necessarily better than another, and there is no reason that the system of Alchemical Healing should not be compatible with whatever other method of healing you are using. Although I believe that metaphysical laws are consistent, different traditions have different ways of expressing how these laws operate. For example, the perception of chakra system varies in different disciplines: chakras might be named or placed differently in the body depending on who is describing them. Each system has its own integrity and is correct from its point of view. In Alchemical Healing we work with five elements, including Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Akasha (spirit or ether). Chinese acupuncture uses five elements also, but their system includes Water, Fire, Air, Wood, and Metal. One is not better than the other, they are simply different, and used in a different context.

"All of the initiations can be repeated from time to time to strengthen your connections; however, once the connections are made, they last for a lifetime. When you have accessed the Universal Life Force from its infinite source, it will always be available to you, as will the elements, spirit guides, and totems. Each repeat simply reinforces the original experience— and often contributes something new and unexpected."

About Thoth

ThothThoth, the principal guide and teacher for Alchemical Healing is one of the most important gods in the Egyptian Pantheon. He is a lunar god, and is concerned with language, communication, healing, sciences, writing, magic, and more. He is also my teacher and mentor.

I am including the following journey to Thoth regardless of whether you have met him before or not. Developing and deepening your relationship with Thoth can ease your way through these turbulent times; his wisdom is consistent and true, and his guidance is needed for all of us.

Journey to meet with and receive guidance from Thoth

Relax, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Fill your body with the nourishing breathe of life. With each breath you become more grounded and more centered…

Place your hands before you with the palms facing upward.

You will receive a gift of a purple-black egg, flecked in gold.

This is an etheric egg, a spirit egg, an egg of creation…

Draw the egg into your abdomen. Feel as it nestles comfortably inside you…

Bring your attention to your heart center. Within your heart dwells the eternal flame of your being. As you bring your heart flame into focus, direct love and your flame will grow. See, feel, imagine, or know as your flame intensifies… as it brightens and grows… as it sends warmth and light throughout your entire being…

A crown is placed on your head. Notice what your crown is made of and how it feels… This crown marks this empowerment and provides the doorway through which your consciousness travels as you journey using the alchemical pathway.

Bring your attention now to where the egg has been gestating in the your abdomen. As you focus on the egg, its outer shell is absorbed into your abdominal wall, revealing a cauldron, a vessel filled with the primordial waters of life. As you observe this vessel, it expands to fill the space of your abdomen…

The spirit of a healing herb is placed within your cauldron. Allow a moment for it to steep, releasing its essence into the waters within…

Begin to stir the waters of life in your golden cauldron. As you stir these waters, they begin to rise… Continue to stir up the waters, and as they are uplifted, they will meet the fire in your heart… You might even hear the hissing, bubbling, crackling as the water hits the fire and creates steam. The steam rises. It moves up through your chest, up through the shamanic doorway in your throat. It begins to gather in your head… Perhaps you can now smell the fragrance of the plant spirit as it rises with the steam… As the steam fills your head, put all your focus and attention into the steam. You might feel a momentary pressure as your head fills with the steam. It will lift your consciousness up through your crown, and into your light body…

Look to your left and you will see Thoth, in whatever form he presents himself (occastionally, Anubis will show up here for some people). If you do not see him, feel, imagine, or simply know his presence. He will come around to stand before you…

Greet this being with respect. If you are visual and see him, make eye contact and open your heart…

He is glad to see you. He has much to share. You can ask questions, or simply stay open to receive any messages that he has for you at this time. The messages may not be verbal. Notice any activity… Look for the hidden meanings. The longer you stay the more details you will receive…

When you feel that this experience is complete for this time, be sure to thank Thoth…

He will assist you back into your physical body and ordinary consciousness through the doorway that is your crown…

Be sure to ground and center yourself before opening your eyes…

Alchemical Healing Classes

The only opportunity I have to teach Alchemical Healing this year is coming right up, starting next Thursday. I will be teaching Levels I, II, and III via tele/video, which has turned out to be the fastest, most effective, and most reasonable way to share this work. I am amazed at the depth and intimacy that we can achieve using this new technology, and you don't require a plane ticket. With travel becoming so much more of a hassle, everyone wins! And it's amazing how much more confident people get when watching the process unfold in the comfort of their home (or wherever they happen to be). I've been doing teleclasses for many years, however the addition of video allows us to see each other and the various ways you can use the tools of Alchemical Healing in the demonstrations and practices that we do together.

Each level is four 2-hour sessions, Thursdays and Mondays, 5:30-7:30 Pacific, 8:30-10:30 Eastern. Each class will be recorded so that if you can't make it, you can watch it at your convenience, usually by the next day. Please go to for details of what is in each class, costs, and to register. If you take all three classes, there is a hefty discount, and if you took Levels I and II this past spring, you can still get the discount for Level III. You will need copies of Alchemical Healing, A Guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformation Medicine and Power Animal Meditations for levels I and II, and Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation for Level III. You will receive a 20% discount if you order when you register.

Sekhmet, Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess

October 16, 19, 23, 26, 30, November 2, 5:30 pacific

This will be the only time this class is available this year, and the interest is growing as the word is getting out about the powerful alchemy that is the meat of this book. (Actually, you are the meat, but that's another part of the story…) The purpose of the book and class is to transform the most irritating and bothersome characteristics of your personality, your body, and whatever may be obstructing you from discovering and/or fulfilling your sacred purpose. It's an opportunity to re-write the template of your being, the blueprint that allows you to express yourself fully and with authenticity and integrity. We are all here to serve Ma'at, both the goddess and concept of Truth, Balance, Harmony, Cosmic Law and Order, and it is Sekhmet's function as the quintessential, fiercely compassionate healer of the Egyptian pantheon to bring us back to that balance when things get out of whack on the planet, as they are right now. We are perilously close to a precipice from which there is no return, and it is up to those of us who are awakening to show up and with the exponential power of our numbers, bring us back from chaos to harmony.

I am offering this class in six two hour sessions this November (between Alchemical Healing levels II and III), and will follow the book so that you can complete all the exercises, journeys and initiations with my support and the support of the entire class. I have found that our sharing inspires each other and helps us to interpret our experiences.

Sekhmet, painting by Lisa SchermerhornAbout a month ago Lisa Schermerhorn was having a hard time and while meditating and praying for help she felt a lioness enter her body. She had no idea who it was but she heard a low growl and and a voice said "we are predator, not prey. No one can hurt us. I want you to see the world through my eyes. I am here to give you strength and courage."

Lisa had just started painting a month or so before and felt compelled to paint this portrait of her new mentor. Lisa knew nothing about me when she signed up for my classes at the Herb Conference and was stunned to discover Sekhmet and of course realize that Sekhmet was the subject of her painting. I am using this painting instead of the one from my book for you to meditate with as she is obviously Sekhmet reaching out to all who are in need of her courage and her power.

I suggest that you spend some time in communion with Sekhmet, simply looking at her picture and gazing at each other eye to eye while sharing the Heart Breath (which has become the invocation I use to access the energies and allies, please see The Heart Breath for a refresher). As you look through her eyes, she will let you know if this work is appropriate for you at this time. It is a commitment, and it is deeply shamanic, inclusive of deep rites of passage such as shamanic death, dissolution, illumination, healing, transformation and rebirth.

Please go to for details and to register. You can also get a signed copy of the book at, and will receive a 20% discount if you order when registering.

Waking up in 5D Summit

My friend Maureen St. Germain is hosting a free summit on Awakening to 5D that is airing from September 12-29 She and I did an interview that will be aired on September 14, and will be available for 48 hours thereafter. You can sign up for her summit here… Maureen's new book and the 22 presenters in her summit provide road maps, tools, insights, inspiration and hope that we can all follow to stay centered and find a more meaningful way of being.

Making the Gods Work for You

The Shift Network is producing many of the smartest and most interesting teachers, however I am only inviting you to the ones I have had personal contact with and know that they are the real deal. If you are interest in astrology, activism, and quick thinking wit, Caroline may be just who you are looking for. Check out the free recording of her initial event, and if you like her, there is a 7-week live video training in which I hope to participate at some point. Free Registration

As busy as I've been and will be, I still like to keep space open for inidivduals in need— personal attention, readings and healing sessions. There are some opening over the next two weeks. Please make your requests through Hathor's Mirror.

Please check my schedule at as I have three events in Northern California the first week of October.

Enjoy the rest of your summer (or winter if down-under), and send lots of prayers to Houston and all the other places of disaster and suffering on our precious planet.

With love and prayers for peace,

Nicki Scully


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