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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Sunrise from our BalconyIt went into a sub-zero deep freeze for the past three nights, after we received about a foot of snow. Today started with one of the most spectacular sunrises as the tips of the tallest trees at the back of our property lit up first, and then the crystalline light kept descending, until it struck the snow on the nearby trees, casting sparkling light radiating from each and every flake. First the reflections, and then the sun itself shined into our kitchen. I was transfixed with the beauty of the sunrise, and have felt inspired throughout the day.

The temperature never rose above the mid 20's, but we had plenty of food for the ravenous birds. So many varieties are staying the winter; more than ever. The smallest fluff up their feathers to keep warm as they forage and go after the hearty suet right next to our kitchen sink, about four inches outside the window.

Since I'm recovering from the first serious cold I've had in years, I kept my energies in. I had our Alchemical Astrology weekend workshop moved elsewhere so I wouldn't be a danger to my co-teacher or our participants, and everyone was delighted that in spite of the sickness and the weather, they could still study with Christine Payne-Towler. I missed learning from her, but we will certainly do it again soon.

The weekend at home recovering was equally inspiring, as I listened to stories about Nelson Mandela— his courage and transformation, his ability to forgive and through forgiveness change the world. This quotation is one we all can take to heart: “Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the triumph over it.”

Kuan Yin in her GardenThat really set me to thinking about my own times of both weakness and courage. And to the realization that self-forgiveness is as important as forgiving others. If Nelson Mandela had spent his time wallowing in guilt or should of, would of and could of, he would never have survived his 27 years of incarceration, let alone transform a nation through reconciliation.

I was particularly impressed by Mandela's humility. It gave me hope that all of us flawed beings hold within ourselves the power to transform, and through our personal transformation, perhaps we can change the world, too, especially if we find and support each other, and work together to make the necessary change happen.

The other evening Mark and I watched “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Why is it that we, the people on this planet, have such a hard time changing until our back is to the wall and we are on the brink of annihilation? Again, the theme of forgiveness and choosing love, the high road that is our salve, and our salvation.

Please join our growing spiritual activism community event this solstice, the free Planetary Healing Call to Action (see below). Indigo Ronlov will be calling in from our apartment by the pyramids in Cairo just before the actual Solstice, which occurs as 9:11am Pacific time. She will have spent sunrise that morning at the Sun Temple, conjuring a new journey for our Planetary Healing spirit medicine/tool box. She is spending a couple of weeks in Egypt preparing the way for the service aspect of our Egyptian Mysteries & Service tour, March 17-31, 2014 (see below).

For more about our Planetary Healing Calls to Action and to listen to previous Calls, please check out

During these reflective winter months we are planting the seeds for the coming year. In the stillness and the dark they will gestate, fed with our inspiration, our ideas, our communities and our love to spring forth as the days lengthen and grow beyond our imaginings. It's time to tune into and refresh our altars, and tie in with our guides and mentors in spirit. Please remember to join us for this Solstice Call to Action so that in that powerful moment, together we can create the new world we have been dreaming.

Blessings for all our relations. May all hearts beat together in peace.
Nicki Scully

Winter Solstice Planetary Healing Call to Action

with Rev. Indigo Rønlov in Egypt and Nicki Scully

Saturday, December 21, 9AM Pacific

You are invited to join this FREE Planetary Healing Call to Action as we meet on Winter Solstice, December 21, 2013 at 9am PST. As the season shifts and the light begins its return, we will journey to source to ignite our illuminated, radiant light so that together we can shine our collective brilliance in a beam of love onto the suffering of the world. Alchemical Healing teacher, Rev. Indigo Rønlov, will lead this month's call from her lodging next to the Great Pyramid on her last night in Cairo, Egypt.

In addition to the Planetary Healing journey, she will share stories and what she has learned during her two weeks of travel in Egypt with her 16-year-old son. Her trip's purpose is to learn how to best offer service to the Egyptian people and land for the upcoming Service and Egyptian Mysteries tour in March 2014, as well as for the completion of her master's degree in eco-psychology at Naropa University. If you are interested in learning more about this service work and how it weaves into the Shamanic Journeys tour at Spring Equinox in March, this will be a great call to participate in.

We look forward to being together with you on this call! Register for this Free Call Here…

Egyptian Mysteries & Service Journey

with Nicki Scully & Indigo Rønlov

March 17 ~ 31, 2014

With so many wonderful things going on to help bring light and transformation into our lives, we are most enthusiastic about our upcoming magical mysteries service tour to Egypt.

Indigo with a "Plarn" shoulder bag made from recycled plastic.

For those of you who are not familiar with Indigo Rønlov, my co-leader on this trip, she is part of the Thoth lineage and a teacher of Alchemical Healing, amongst many other deep and varied credentials. She is currently working on her Masters in Ecopsychology at Naropa University, and is combining her studies and thesis with a service project in Egypt that we are adding to our tour. Indigo has a great passion for Egypt, her people and the dire ecological problems that exist there as it reflects a worldwide pandemic of disrespect for our environment. Obviously, with a full tour schedule (we don't wish to take away from the deep spiritual alchemy for which our trip is intended), those who join us will need to have their own special commitment to helping with our service project, thus affording an opportunity to interact with Egyptians and especially, the children of Egypt.

More info and Registration here…

Alchemical Healing Level III

Presented by Nicki Scully and Debbie Clarkin

February 28-March 2
Serenity Now Yoga, Southwold, Ontario
(20 minutes southwest of London)

This class is open to students who have taken Alchemical Healing levels I and II and want to learn more and practice this powerful healing form on deeper levels. We will explore advanced shamanic practices and other techniques and initiations.

Level III Classes Include:

  • Advanced Shamanic and Alchemical Healing practices, including the sucking cure and Timeline work with Akasha.
  • Completion of major Alchemical Healing initiations
  • Avolokitesvara and Medicine Buddha empowerments
  • Planetary Healing practices
  • many more advanced techniques
  • time to practice new skills with others

The textbooks for the workshop include: Alchemical Healing, Power Animal Meditations and Planetary Healing by Nicki Scully Have these books available, it is advised that you read Alchemical Healing in preparation for the class.

Online Registration for level III

To prepare you for Level III, Debbie is offering this class just before the class with Nicki:

Alchemical Healing Level II

with Debbie Clarkin

February 21, 22 and 24, 2014
Serenity Now Yoga Southwold, Ontario

Cost $450 includes 5 meals; $400 if paid in full by January 18
Some accommodation available

Level II Classes Include:

  • Caduceus Empowerment
  • Power animals and guides
  • Akashic initiations
  • Healing techniques using Akasha
  • Electromagnetic current initiation
  • Many more advanced techniques
  • Time to practice new skills with others

Textbooks: Alchemical Healing and Power Animal Meditations by Nicki Scully. I have these books available, it is advised that you read Alchemical Healing in preparation for the class.

For information and registration contact Debbie Clarkin at

The Magical Bonds of Isis and Thoth: An Egyptian Egyptian Mysteries Retreat

Co-created and led by Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully

May 8-12, 2014
Camp Chesterfield, a Spiritualist Retreat Center in Chesterfield, Indiana

In 2014 Nicki Scully and Normandi Ellis bring their annual Egyptian Mysteries experience to the Midwest. Enter new portals into ancient teachings as we explore the ways in which ancient sacred texts provided the soul with a road map to deeper and fuller spiritual life on the physical, mental and spiritual planes. Learn how the ancients worked with natural laws that enhanced their abilities to create opportunities for magic to happen, and to further prepare us for the next stage of our evolutionary process.

Nicki and Normandi will guide participants into a deeper relationship with Isis and Thoth through guided meditation, ritual, and discussion. Thoth, the lunar god of wisdom, magic, language, communications, healing, and science inscribed the 42 sacred texts that address these natural laws. He is not only the "teachers' teacher", he is also the principle of wisdom that the gods of Egypt call upon when they need guidance. The legacy of Thoth, found in The Emerald Tablets, implants the seed of wisdom found in many other spiritual systems, such as Tarot, Kabbalah, and the Western magical tradition.

Isis, who learned her magic from the lips of Thoth, embodies the great power of love and desire—the essence of all magic—that allowed her to raise her husband Osiris from the dead. She is known as handmaiden of the god, a healer, a spiritual leader, mother and magician. In later traditions, Isis is known as the Salve Regina archetype of the Great Mother.

This retreat is being held at Camp Chesterfield, a center of spiritual development and metaphysical teachings since its establishment in 1868 on the site of native American mounds built beside the White River in Indiana. Here, beside the historic Trail of Religions, we will make use of the opportunity to explore the ways in which the Egyptian Mystery tradition made its way into the great religions of the world. Opportunities will be made available for participants to explore the Camp grounds, meet the resident mediums, and experience a Spiritualist camp meeting and Gala All Message Service.

We think this is an exciting place to visit and a way to deepen our relationship to the mystery traditions that have long been part of our spiritual heritage. More information on Camp Chesterfield and on the accommodations at the Western Hotel, a National Historic landmark traveler's inn, can be found at

Online Registration

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Here is a link to a recent radio interview I did with Kala Ambrose. I haven't listened to it, but I think I was pretty relaxed and there are probably some interesting and funny bits along with lots of information.

Explore Your Spirit with Kala Radio - Planetary Healing & Intelligent Evolution with Nicki Scully

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