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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Blue on the front lawn at CoSMDear Friends,

What a whirlwind tour I've had, starting with Lightning in a Bottle in Orange County, California ten days ago, then a workshop and Full Moon Ceremony at CoSM and a wonderful evening presentation at Namaste Bookshop in New York before working with my publishers, Inner Traditions/Bear & Co at the Book Expo America conference. New York was a special blessing because I got to spend ten days with my granddaughter Blue, although I had to leave two days before her first birthday.

I just spent four glorious days at the 2012 Spiritual Awakening Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida; it was a wonderful, deep and joy-filled weekend. I finally unplugged last night and slept for 13 hours straight, and it's now barely afternoon and I'm ready to go back to sleep!

Planetary Healing Call to Action

I'm writing to remind you of our next Planetary Healing Call to Action, which is this Thursday (6/14) at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern). I've been doing so much of the work lately that I can't yet imagine which journey or rite we will be doing, as they are each so powerful. Please give us your suggestions on topics/areas in need of our help when you sign up for this free tele/web/Skype call: register here. For more information about our book Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation and the on line community we are creating for spiritual activists who respond to these Calls to Action, please see There you will also find podcasts of previous Calls. Together we can help heal ourselves and transform our world. Now is the time! We are the People!

Magical Pilgrimage to Egypt

Two other important matters: There is still an opportunity to explore Egypt with a Shamanic Journeys tour this year. Danielle Hoffman and Dr. Friedemann Schaub still have some places open on their Magical Pilgrimage to Egypt, September 18-October 2. I've been working with them for many, many years and highly recommend them. Danielle was one of my students many years ago, before she became part of our Thoth lineage and began teaching Alchemical Healing and the Egyptian Mysteries. After several tours to Egypt with me, she started leading her own tours, and has by now been there at least ten times. Her book about Egypt, published with Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. is Temples of Light. Please click here for more information, and let our office know if you are interested. Danielle or I would love to speak with you about this tour.

New Life Caribbean Cruise

The other event I am very excited about is the New Life Caribbean Cruise this October 6-13, 2012. While sailing, playing and basking on our ship with stops in the paradise of the Mayan Riviera, I will be teaching a workshop on "Intelligent Evolution: How We Co-create Our Future" and offering daily private Alchemical Healing sessions and Anubis Oracle readings. This is a unique opportunity to work together within the intimacy of our cruise while visiting Cozumel, Belize, Honduras, and Grand Cayman Island. You can read more about it and register here. Please let us know if you are interested in joining me on this enlightening adventure! Again, I'd love to speak with you about it personally to let you know what I have in mind.

For more information about what I'm up to and the rest of my summer schedule, please see my website,

I will have time for a few private sessions between now and the Oregon Country Fair, which is during the second weekend in July. After the Fair, I will be quite busy with families, conferences and festivals until a couple of weeks before my yearly Alchemical/Planetary Healing Retreat at my home in Eugene Oregon, click here for more information. I hope you will join me in my garden temple then.

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully