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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Whew! I'm finally back. After seven weeks on the road, it's great to be back, snuggled up in our cozy home with the rain pouring down. Let's see—Miami, the cruise to several ports of call in the Caribbean, New York, Egypt, New York again, Oakland, and finally home. I highly recommend staging a return from a ten-hour time change—each part of the trip allowed me to manage my time and energy so that I had an easier time than ever before with the time zone changes.

The Seminar at Sea was quite interesting, and different from anything I've done before. I wasn't impressed with the cruise ship culture, but I enjoyed meeting and learning from the other teachers, and we had our own events and opportunities for ceremonies, which was like being in a bubble of sanity and consciousness within the chaos of merry mayhem.

trustEvery opportunity I have to be on the East Coast is an opportunity to be with my daughter and granddaughter, and that was precious time for sure. Here is my latest, greatest photo of Blue:

And so the roller coaster ride continues as we move toward the potential pivotal moment that is winter solstice 2012. Egypt was another "Best Trip Ever!" I don't quite understand how that happens, but this was a perfect trip in every way, and a perfect prelude to the work to come. Highlights included a private visit to the Pyramid of Unas, which holds the original Pyramid Texts that Normandi Ellis has been translating and working with for many years. Our opening ceremony, energized by Normandi's astonishment at this gift (thank you Mohamed Nazmy) was the first rite of passage into these ever deepening mysteries. We spent the next two weeks in the thrall of the magic.

Following are two excerpts from the journal of one of our participants, Priscilla Corcoran. The first is quite personal, about her initiation from the great goddess Sekhmet, the lioness headed feminine face of the sun whose name means Power, or Mighty One. Although this is her experience, it is valid for all of us:

After Sekhmet at Karnak: "I was mesmerized by the Serapeum (the burial grounds of the sacred bulls for the Heb Sed Festival, visited the day before at Sakkara), by the contentment of the sacrificed energy, by the effort and honoring of the people for the (bulls who were) sacrificed. Then today, with Sekhmet: confusion, head in the way, letting go and surprised to hear myself offer me up as sacrifice to Sekhmet if that is what she wishes. Her response: energy downloading and a sense of "there is no place for seeking acceptance, for low self esteem. Sekhmet at KarnakThese are beneath and not part of your goal, your destiny. Do not spend time on them but focus to the future, to the wholeness, to the power, the power of unification, of fortification, of oneness. Focus on the purpose, the whole, the highest…

"You've put these sacrifices on the table—your obscurity, your smallness, your hiding. They have been accepted. Dwell on them no more. They are gone. Look to where you go, focus on your strength and share THAT with the people and with your gods. THAT is your destiny…"

Postscript: In this moment I know I am grateful for this clarity, grateful that the sacrifice was accepted, and that I can move forward toward my work, my destiny. And I know that I am excited to have the help of Sekhmet who took part in this writing so that I might have clarity on what I had not understood before. Praise be to Sekhmet, mother of courage.

PPS: Words fail me. How do I describe the joy that flutters and unfolds in the knowing that Sekhmet has liberated me and set my feet on my path? How to say the wonder in co-writing with her. At last I channel! And it feels so good/ right to write her words that I hear in my head and heart.

"Oh divine goddess, continue to speak with me. I offer you my tongue and hands…"

On a lighter side, here is Priscilla's entry a few days later during our sail:

"Today we stopped at a traditional village on the Nile. I did not feel up to going into the village so I gave Normandi my pens for the children. She left them with a village elder. "While I was sitting on the deck, admiring the shore, some children came along and sat and admired our dahabeya. We played peek-a-boo. We took pictures and they hid from our cameras. We smiled; they smiled. A woman in black dress and hijab came to the shore. She pointed at me, indicated her shawl, pointed at me again, and gave me a thumbs-up. I had put my shawl on when I heard it was a traditional village and it felt good that my sign of respect was noted and appreciated. She continued to speak to me and I asked Tiger what she had said. "She's inviting you to her house for some hibiscus," he says. I don't go, declining with smiles and thanks. She departs in smiles, happy. More children gather. There are close to two-dozen now. We look at them; they look at us. We smile; they smile. We take pictures; they hide. They wave; we wave. I ask Tiger if I can give them pens. He says he will help me. I run to get pens, enough for every child, and forget to get shoes. I cross to shore in my shawl, long skirt, and bare feet. It seems appropriate. Tiger keeps order as I hand out a pen to every child, old and young. They smile. They are happy. I go back to boat. They sit, grasping their pens. Tara says she will never think of a pen in the same way again. Everyone's spirits are lifted from this connection, this giving and receiving freely. Later I realize it is Halloween back home. What a contrast this experience was to the phoniness and expectation of candy!"

See below for more on Egypt tours in 2013…

Update on 2012 Universal Gatherings for our Global Shift in Consciousness—

As the days tick by and as the culmination of 2012 approaches, Thanksgiving is upon us and this time feels much different, bigger. This is an opportunity to express gratitude for much more than the blessings since the days of the pilgrims, more than friends and family, and so much more than tradition has allowed. This year, 2012, our gratitude comes at the beginning of a new and all-inclusive time when we know to acknowledge all of the universe for each and every detail and miracle that has led to this point and will carry us henceforth into the dawn of a new eon.

We've all known for years that December 2012 would be special, especially during Winter Solstice. Many books, movies, and controversies have been inspired by this supposed date of the Mayan calendar. I say supposed date because that is one of the main controversies. As this year approached, I wondered where I would be at that time, and what my contribution would entail.

There is a strangeness in the air. Given the warp speed at which we are moving, the simple task of keeping track of time is getting all jumbled up. As I prepare for the great gathering of minds this Winter Solstice, I'm reminded of the long strange trip it's been. I recently remembered a conversation I had with my seer friend, David Groode, around a year or so ago. With Thoth's guidance, he took me on a journey to a sacred, other-dimensional temple, a true temple of the cosmos. There, Thoth extended an invitation to me to represent Egypt at an intergalactic council gathering. He took me as far as he could into the temple so I would have a sense of the import of this gathering, but I had no idea at that time when it was to happen. I remember it well because the invitation included a backstage pass, something that always gets my attention.

Time slipped by, and when I was first invited to participate in the Synthesis 2012 gathering at the pyramids in Chichen Itza, Mexico, David's vision had slipped away—so I ignored it. Somewhere, sometime, while helping another group prepare for ceremonies in Egypt, I received a second invitation to Synthesis as a Keynote speaker, a ceremonial leader, and to represent Egypt.
Please use Nicki's promo code
NXS2012 when you register.
Needless to say, I determined to take a closer look. Thoth was very clear: I am to do my work in Chichen Itza, the heart of the event here on Earth, and synchronize with the Great Convergence in Egypt and the Uplift Festival in Australia. Suddenly, out of the chaos and haze, the pieces and memories began to fit together. Even the cruise through the Mayan waters became an integral part of the mosaic.

Synthesis 2012 is a three-day festival in Chichen Itza, on grounds that border those of the pyramid that is there. Many say that this is the center of the hub from which the energy of this cosmic event radiates here on Earth. There will be music, ceremony, panels, teachings, and a Wisdom Keepers Village nearaby where ceremonies from many traditions, including Mayan, will take place. The wisdom Keepers Village will be open to the public. For my part, I am honored to be offering ceremonies, giving a keynote address, and sharing the knowledge and tools that I have been given for this specific event. I hope that many of you will join us.

The Great Convergence is a three day festival in Giza, Egypt, followed by a Nile Cruise. I have been working closely with the producers to help them organize a powerful experience for those called to Egypt, and it will be connected with the live stream we will be sending out from Chichen Itza. For those of you who are called to Egypt at this time, know that it will be a safe, joyous and powerful experience.

My friend Bambi read me a page from Barbara Marciniak's book, The Book of the Family of Light, page 245, the last page of the book. Suddenly it all came together. What Barbara Marciniak said, to paraphrase, is that we are not the only ones watching to see what happens during this great transition, and each of the watchers has a different perspective. She mentioned other world legends that spoke of a new healing frequency produced by humans out of the chaos of the ancient future time.

My mind began to stir. I was reminded of my teacher Nadia saying that clarity is always preceded by confusion. There is plenty of chaos and confusion to go around now . . .

Barbara goes on to say that the watchers, visitors and ambassadors (and I would add all the ascended masters, deities of all pantheons, ancestors, spirit guides and avatars) "journey through time and the universe to invest in discovering an ancient fleeting moment. They want to see if the legends are real, that if in a place tucked away in an arm of the Milky Way, in a fleeting moment of time, human beings went from density to light, from fear to love…"

My heart tells me that this is the time, and we all need to participate, each in our own way! I also believe that this is the intergalactic gathering I was invited to. That said, this event is happening wherever you are. Please be mindful. Every thought, word and action we take is a form of participation.

Planetary Healing Call to Action

It seems as though another Planetary Healing Call to Action is due to help prepare us for this momentous occasion. Please join Mark and me as we explore the possibilities of how best to participate in this great opportunity for global healing and co-creating our future. Register for the free tele/web/skype call here. Mark the date, Thursday, December 6, 6PM Pacific time. This is the most important Call to Action yet, as it is the last time we can pass to you tools that you can use as we move toward December 21, and on those days during the Solstice window. Please spread the word. The more people, the more power…

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, please stay present and remember that you are co-creating our future, and the future for our children and the future generations.

We have sooooo much to be grateful for. We can make every day a day of Thanksgiving.

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully

2013 Egypt Tours, including Martina Hoffman, Nicki, Normandi Ellis and Gloria Taylor Brown

March 19 - April 6, 2013
Visionary Pilgrimage to Egypt and Jordan

with Martina Hoffmann & Nicki Scully

As I've said, I am transitioning to co-leading private chartered groups on the Afandina and arranging tours for other teachers. The first charter is in March/April and will include Egypt and Jordan. My co-leader, the great visionary artist Martina Hoffman, is permitting me to invite a few participants from my list. Please contact me only if you are familiar with Martina's work and have either studied with her before or know that you would like to share in this extra-ordinary adventure. We will be turning our dahabeya into a painting studio as we sail the Nile. I will need to interview all applicants for this tour. Please leave your phone number or Skype address with your inquiry, along with your email and time zone.

September 21 ~ October 5, 2013
The Goddess Tour of Egypt—Weaving a New Dream

with Normandi Ellis & Gloria Taylor Brown

I'm excited to announce that Normandi, along with Gloria Taylor-Brown, will be doing another Egyptian Mysteries and writing tour in September, 2013. Please click here for more information. We are just now firming up the cost. This tour will fill quite rapidly, as we can only take 18 people. Please let us know if you are interested right away so we can keep you informed and make sure you get to participate.

New Great Books:

Imagining the World Into Existence: An Ancient Egyptian Manual of Consciousness by Normandi Ellis

For those of you who know, love and respect Normandi's books on Egypt as I do, you will be thrilled with this one. Jean Houston calls it a "Masterpiece," and I agree. She weaves the stories of ineffable mysteries with brilliance, depth, and clarity, and you can feel yourself transforming with the wisdom she conveys, even as you are absorbing her words. FYI, Normandi and I are working on the next one together—Stay tuned, and get this one right away!

How to Create Sacred Water by Kathryn Ravenwood

Speaking of new books, another sister from our Thoth Lineage has been published by our favorite publisher, Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. Kathryn Ravenwood turned me on to her sacred water altar right after 9/11. Following her instructions I started and have maintained it ever since, and it has spawned many other water altars. Her book, How to Create Sacred Water: A Guide to Rituals and Practices, is exquisitely written and addresses our need to remember, pray for, and heal the sacred waters of the world. Along with her instructions for sacred water altars, this book is well researched and includes deep, magical personal stories and guided meditations that are informative as well as transformative. I feel privileged to have been invited to write the foreword for this wonderful book.

Learn more at my online store, Hathor's Mirror and avail yourself of our holiday specials for this and my books as well.

Alchemical Healing Classes

Dea Lisk, MA, NTP, and Rev. Indigo Ronløv are teaching two upcoming Alchemical Healing workshops in Eugene:

December 15: Sacred Element Earth

As we move into the wintertime with the solstice on the 21st of December, we will spend a day focusing solely on the sacred element Earth. This is an opportunity to feel, understand, and sink into this essential element. This workshop is for everyone, whether you have studied the elementals or energy work previously or this is catching your attention now for the first time. We will offer a quarterly Elemental class, rotating from Earth this December, to Air in the spring, to Fire in the summer, and then to Water in the fall, with a fifth element of Love woven throughout. We invite you to any or all of these offerings and will announce the dates for the other three elements when they are set. This class is $85, and includes an organic vegetarian lunch.

Email Dea or Indigo for registration and more information.

February 9, 10, & 13: Alchemical Healing, Level One

We are offering an Alchemical Healing, Level One weekend workshop with an optional evening of additional practice to hone the skills you learned. Alchemical Healing Level One will teach you the basics of Energy Fields and how to safely clear energy working with the Universal Principles of Love, The Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Akasha, Plant Spirits, and all of Life. We will be working with Nicki Scully's book, Alchemical Healing, which can be purchased here. We will also have a few copies available at the class.

Stay tuned for the Alchemical Healing Level Two, to be offered sometime in the spring.

This Alchemical Healing Level I workshop is $225, and includes an organic vegetarian lunch on both Saturday and Sunday. Email Dea or Indigo for registration and more information.


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